Foresite Capital

Dr. Michael Rome joined Foresite Capital in 2016 and leads the therapeutics investing practice. Michael is a board director at Kinnate Biopharma (Nasdaq: KNTE), Remix Therapeutics, XinThera, Theseus Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: THRX), and KinnJiu Pharma. Michael was a board director at Alumis where he led the acquisition of Fronthera Biopharma, and served on the board of Pharvaris (Nasdaq: PHVS), Turning Point Therapeutics (Nasdaq: TPTX, observer), and Nurix Therapeutics (Nasdaq: NRIX, observer). Michael served as Vice President for Foresite Development Corporation II which successfully merged with Pardes Biosciences (Nasdaq: PRDS). Prior to Foresite Capital, he was an analyst at DAFNA Capital Management, covering therapeutics companies. He earned a B.S. in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology from UCLA and obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Caltech as an NSF Fellow.